Who Did Patrick’s Homework

March 25, 2023
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Read who did Patrick’s homework Summary, Question & Answer, Download PDF, & Read Word Meaning

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 1: who did patrick's homework

In this section, we are presenting NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 1. Our comprehensive resources include a detailed summary of the chapter, a downloadable PDF, and word meanings to aid your comprehension.

The summary will give you a concise overview of the chapter, while the PDF allows you to conveniently study offline. Additionally, the word meanings will assist you in understanding the vocabulary used in the chapter.

Start exploring the Who did Patrick’s homework today and unlock the key to mastering English.

Who did Patrick’s Homework Summary

The first chapter of CBSE Class 6 English tells the story of Patrick, a boy who hates doing homework. One day, he finds a tiny man who promises to grant him a wish if he saves him from his cat. Patrick asks the man to do all his homework for the rest of the semester (35 days) in exchange for the wish. The man agrees, but he needs Patrick’s help to complete the homework. Patrick realizes that he has to work harder than ever to guide the elf, who has no knowledge of math or human history, through homework. Eventually, the last day of school arrives, and the elf is free to leave. Patrick receives A’s for his homework, and his parents and teachers were proud of him. However, Patrick learns that he was the one who did all his homework, not the elf.

Who did Patrick’s Homework Question Answers?

Working with the text

Q1. What did Patrick think his cat was playing with? What was it really?

Answer: Patrick was thinking that his cat was playing with a little doll. He grabbed it away and found that wasn’t a doll, but a man of the tiniest size.

Q2. Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

Answer: Patrick’s cat was playing with the tiniest size man and teasing him, Patrick grabbed that man away from his cat and that man was saying “Save me, don’t give me back to that cat, I’ll grant you a wish”.

Q3. What was Patrick’s wish?

Answer: His wish was to do my homework till the end of the semester, that’s 35 days.

Q4. In what subjects did the little man need help, to do Patrick’s

Answer: That little man took help from Patrick in Mathematics and English.

Q5. How did Patrick help him?

Answer: That little man asked Patrick to help them read books and a dictionary.

Q6. Who do you think did Patrick’s homework – the little man, or
Patrick himself?

Answer: According to reading this chapter, the little man only took help and get homework done from Patrick. Patrick did his homework himself.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Short Questions and Answers

1) Who is Patrick?
Patrick is a student who hates doing homework.

2) Why did Patrick refuse to do homework?
Patrick found homework boring and preferred playing sports and video games instead.

3) What happened when Patrick took away the doll from his cat?
Patrick discovered that the doll was actually a tiny man who offered to grant him a wish.

4) What wish did Patrick make to the tiny man?|
Patrick wished for the tiny man to do all his homework until the end of the semester, which was 35 days.

5) Did the tiny man agree to Patrick’s wish?
Yes, the tiny man reluctantly agreed to do Patrick’s homework.

6) Did the tiny man require help from Patrick while doing homework?
Yes, the tiny man often needed Patrick’s assistance, especially in subjects like math and human history.

7) How did Patrick’s life change after the tiny man started doing his homework?
Patrick had to work harder and help the tiny man with his homework, which made him feel tired and weary.

8) What happened on the last day of school?
The tiny man was finally free to leave, as there was no more homework to be done.

9) What were the results of Patrick’s exams?
Patrick achieved A grades, surprising his classmates, teachers, and parents.

10) Who was responsible for Patrick’s academic success in the end?
It was revealed that Patrick had actually done all the homework himself, despite believing the tiny man had done it.

Working with language

A. Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words or phrases from the box. (You may not know the meaning of all the words. Look such words up in a dictionary, or ask your teacher)

out of luck, mystery, true to his word, look up, chores, between you and me, semester

  1. Some people find household ________________ a bore, but I like to help at home.
  2. Who stole the diamond is still a ________________
  3. This ________________ we are going to have a class exhibition.
  4. ________________, the elf began to help Patrick.
  5. Can you ________________ this word in the dictionary?
  6. I started early to be on time, but I was ________________. There was a traffic jam!
  7. She says she’s got a lot of books, but ________________ I think most of them are borrowed.


1. chores
2. mystery
3. semester
4. true to his word
5. look up
6. out of luck
7. between you and me

B. Use the clues given below to complete this crossword puzzle.

image 1

1. very tired
2. had an angry look on the face
3. short trousers
4. a fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly
5. a small and naughty boy-fairy

6. work that must be done everyday, often boring
7. a basket with a lid
8. gave a short, high-pitched cry


1. Weary
2. Scowled
3. Breeches
4. Glitch
5. Elf

6. Chores
7. Hamper
8. Shrieked

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Who did Patrick’s Homework: Word Meaning

  1. Ignoramus: an ignorant person, who lacks education
  2. Britches: breeches, or short trousers.
  3. Dishcloth: a cloth used for washing dishes
  4. Hamper: a basket with a lid grimaced, scowled
  5. Pursed his lips: his face had these expressions, showing disgust, anger, and disapproval
  6. Glitch: a fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly; here, a hitch or problem
  7. Shrieked: gave a short, high-pitched cry
  8. Nag: one who troubles someone all the time by complaining or asking them to do something
  9. Drag: something dull and uninteresting
  10. Slyly: secretively
  11. Kid: a child
  12. Chores: work that must be done every day, often boring
  13. Attitude: a feeling about someone or something
  14. Patrick: A name referring to the protagonist of the story.
  15. Homework: Assigned tasks or assignments given by teachers to be completed outside of school.
  16. Boring: Lacking interest or excitement.
  17. Hockey: A team sport played on ice, where players use sticks to hit a puck into the opponent’s goal.
  18. Basketball: A sport played between two teams, aiming to score points by shooting a ball through the opponent’s hoop.
  19. Nintendo: A popular video game console and entertainment system.
  20. Learn: Acquire knowledge or skills through study or experience.
  21. Doll: A small toy representation of a human or animal.
  22. Surprise: A feeling of astonishment or shock caused by something unexpected.
  23. Tiniest: Of the smallest size or amount.
  24. Wool: A textile fiber obtained from sheep, known for its warmth and softness.
  25. Shirt: A garment worn on the upper body, typically with buttons and a collar.
  26. Old-fashioned: Not in accordance with the current or modern style or fashion.
  27. Britches: Informal term for trousers or pants.
  28. Tall: Of great height or stature.
  29. Hat: A head covering worn for protection, fashion, or ceremonial purposes.
  30. Witch: A person, typically female, believed to possess magical powers.
  31. Save: Rescue or protect someone or something from harm or danger.
  32. Cat: A small domesticated carnivorous mammal, often kept as a pet.
  33. Promise: A commitment or assurance to do something.
  34. Semester: One of two academic terms in a school year, usually lasting several months.
  35. Elves: Mythical creatures often depicted as small, mischievous beings with magical abilities.
  36. Maths: Abbreviation for mathematics, the study of numbers, quantities, and shapes.
  37. Times tables: A multiplication table used to memorize arithmetic calculations.
  38. Shrieked: Uttered a high-pitched and piercing sound.
  39. Addition: The mathematical operation of combining two or more numbers to find a total.
  40. Subtraction: The mathematical operation of finding the difference between two numbers.
  41. Division: The mathematical operation of separating or sharing a quantity into equal parts.
  42. Fractions: A numerical quantity representing part of a whole or a division of something.
  43. Library: A place where books and other materials are stored for reading, research, or borrowing.
  44. Guide: Assist or show someone the way.
  45. Human history: The study of past events, developments, and achievements of human beings.
  46. Mystery: Something that is difficult to understand or explain.
  47. Working harder: Putting in more effort or exertion.
  48. Weary: Feeling physically or mentally exhausted.
  49. Puffed: Swollen or enlarged, often due to fatigue or lack of sleep.
  50. Bleary: Blurred or dimmed vision, usually due to tiredness or sleepiness.
  51. Model kid: A well-behaved and exemplary child.
  52. Cleaned: Made free from dirt, stains, or clutter.
  53. Cheerful: Displaying or characterized by happiness or optimism.
  54. Rude: Behaving or speaking in a disrespectful or impolite manner.
  55. Secret: Something kept hidden or unknown by others.

Also, check these

FAQ of Who did Patrick’s homework

Q: Who did Patrick’s homework
A: Patrick himself did his homework. Since the elf did not know anything, Patrick stayed up at night and worked hard.

Q: What does Patrick wish for in the story?
A: Patrick wishes that the tiny man would complete all his homework for the next 35 days, promising the man a wish in return.

Q: How does Patrick’s wish get fulfilled?
A: The tiny man agrees to do Patrick’s homework but requires Patrick’s guidance to complete it since he lacks knowledge of math and human history.

Q: What challenges does Patrick face after making the wish?
A: Patrick realizes he has to work harder to help the elf complete the homework, guiding him through subjects he doesn’t understand.

Q: What happens on the last day of school in the story?
A: On the last day of school, the elf completes his tasks, and Patrick receives high grades for his homework, making his parents and teachers proud.

Q: How does the story conclude?
A: Patrick learns that he was the one who did his homework all along, not the elf. He understands the value of hard work and effort.

Q: What lessons does Patrick learn from his experience?
A: Patrick learns the importance of taking responsibility, working diligently, and not seeking shortcuts.

Q: How does Patrick feel about his achievements in the end?
A: While Patrick initially believed the elf was doing his homework, he feels a sense of accomplishment knowing that he earned his good grades through his own efforts.

Q: How does Patrick’s attitude towards homework change throughout the story?
In the beginning, Patrick dislikes homework and seeks a way to avoid it. Through his interactions with the elf, he develops a stronger work ethic and learns to appreciate the value of learning.

Q: What is the central theme of the first chapter of CBSE Class 6 English?
A: The central theme revolves around hard work, responsibility, and the realization that shortcuts and quick fixes do not lead to true success.


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