FAQ on Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 Rational Numbers

August 8, 2022
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What is the name of the 1st chapter of maths class 8?

Rational Numbers

What is the rational number of the 8th class?

Rational numbers are those numbers that you can represent in the form of a fraction or numerator(p) upon a denominator(q) where the denominator can be any value except 0 or we can say that rational numbers are those numbers that can be represented in p/q form where q ≠0 and p & q are integers.

Is 0 zero a rational number?

This rational expression proves that 0 is a rational number because any number can be divided by 0 and equal 0. Fraction r/s shows that when 0 is divided by a whole number, it results in infinity. Infinity is not an integer because it cannot be expressed in fraction form.

What is the irrational number Class 8?

An irrational number is a type of actual number which cannot be represented as a simple fraction. It cannot be expressed in the form of a ratio. If N is irrational, then N is not equal to p/q where p and q are integers and q is not equal to 0. Example: √2, √3, √5, √11, √21, π(Pi) are all irrational.

How many zeroes have reciprocal?

Zero has no reciprocal

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