About Us

Hello friends, my name is Siddharth. I have created Skillawesome.com to make school children, college students, and office work easier.

Education is the most important thing in the world. It offers you the knowledge & experience about What / Why / How of anything, which we are doing in the world to operate it.

Education provides these things to you

  • Provides Stability
  • Provides Financial Security
  • Makes you Self-Dependable
  • Developing Problem-solving Skills
  • Providing a Prosperous and Happy Life

So these all above are some factors where education helps us to achieve.

Before the advent of the Internet / Computers / Mobiles, every country educate their students in school & colleges, and as today’s modern life is becoming digital, everything is now online, and in the 21st-century people do most of their work on computers and mobiles.

Digitalization made life easier for two types of communities, first, those who offer the services/sell products online, and second, who take the services/buy products online.

Digitalization is applied to these industries

  • Goods & Services
  • Media & Communication
  • Education
  • etc.

As all of you know, everyone is spending their most of time on Mobile / Laptop / Desktop, so my vision is to share my knowledge & skills with you using Skillawesome.com.