1020 in Words

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1020 in words, we can write it as One Thousand and Twenty. It includes 2 Indian currency of Five hundred and Twenty rupees. When you’re going to buy a pair of Jeans and the shopkeeper asked 1020, then you can say it as One Thousand and Twenty rupees only.

In this article, you will learn how to convert the number 1020 into words in an exciting way. The number 1020 is used in expressions that relate to money, days, distance, length, weight and so on.

How to Write 1020 in Words?

1020 has four digits and we’re going to use order of place to write numbers in english alphabet. So, you know that order of place of digits.

Ones: 1
Tens: 10
Hundreds: 100
Thousands: 1000
Ten Thousands: 10000
One Lakh: 100000

We can write 1020 as follows


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